$60M worth of Real Estate Tokenised by Leading Real Estate Firm Asset Block


Blockchain property investment company AssetBlock starts its commercial property investment system using Blockchain.

Opening property investment to everybody

As a consequence of the venture, crypto-savvy investors will have access to properties which are inaccessible to the general public and will have the ability to swap the blockchain’s native Assets for those resources.

CEO and creator of AssetBlock Mike Liddell commented about the evolution:

“We made AssetBlock since the contemporary market was in need of contemporary technology. We found a chance to construct a solution that attracts non-traditional and traditional property professionals and investors together economically, creating chances for all involved.”

A notable partner

“Our venture with AssetBlock opens LCP into a new investor pool that makes it possible for us to fundraise and enlarge our business better. […] To stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape, it is essential to the real estate investing community to adopt technology such as blockchain that’s pushing the business forward.”

Last, AssetBlock Claims It Will continue to include additional property partners and possessions and guarantees to make Additional announcements soon


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