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柬埔寨一向重視環境保育,致力在推動國家發展同時堅持對環境友善。在瑞典、日本和聯合國開發計劃署(United Nations Development Program)的支持下,柬國政府已展開循環經濟發展的計劃,支持可持續發展。循環經濟主要理念是盡量保留及充分利用資源,令資源可回收再生,重複使用。相信循環經濟可大幅改善當地社會和環境,創造新的經濟價值和大量的就業機會。

Cambodia has always attached importance to environmental conservation, and is committed to promote the development of the country while maintaining environmental friendliness. With the support of Sweden, Japan and the United Nations Development Program, the Cambodian government has launched a circular economy development plan to support sustainable development. The main idea of circular economy is to preserve and make full use of resources as much as possible, so that resources can be recycled and reused. It is believed that the circular economy can greatly improve the local society and environment, create new economic value and a vast number of employment opportunities.

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