Walmart Hires Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead


The multinational retail giant in the United States, Walmart, hires the leader for cryptocurrency and digital products.

According to the official recruitment information, Walmart aims to find talent with more than ten years of experience in product or project management and technology commercialisation and a specific in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and related technologies.

As the digital currency or cryptocurrency director, this position is mainly responsible for formulating and promoting Walmart’s digital currency strategy and supervising and executing each step of the product roadmap. Duties also include the use of blockchain-related technologies to identify customer trends and plan related investments.

The global leading retail business company has been committed to developing its digital currency strategy to provide its customers with more diversified and convenient payment channels.

Meanwhile, it establishes cooperative relations with other cryptocurrency-related companies and promotes investment.

Blockchain.News reported on August 2 on 2019, Walmart has filed a cryptocurrency patent to develop its own U.S dollar-backed digital currency similar to Facebook’s Libra.

Walmart also stated that its coin would have features that can apply to a token used in retail companies. Walmart’s significant difference is that the proposed cryptocurrency will provide a zero or low-fee marketplace for users to keep financial reserves.



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