Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio adds 6 more startups to it’s tank


The new public-private program was made to encourage startups creating blockchain merchandise for businesses. R/GA Ventures, the investment arm of R/GA, an international advertising and marketing company under the Interpublic Group of Companies umbrella, also works the studio, which is based at R/GA Portland’s Pearl District office.

Both companies that are participating intention to benefit from work and blockchain technology in various industries including finance health care, education, and much more. Here are the startups, with descriptions from each:

Brave (San Francisco, Calif.): Brave software’s quick, privacy-oriented browser, together with its blockchain-based digital marketing platform (Basic Care Insights ), is resetting the web for users, publishers, and advertisers. Users get a speedier, less cluttered, and better web experience, publishers increase their earnings share, and advertisers receive conversion.
Concord (Portland, Ore.): Concord supplies privacy-first information solutions that safeguard and reward brands and the individuals they engage with.
Everest (San Diego, Calif.): Everest’s platform solves for verifiable identity, protected worth exchange, and transparent bookkeeping — using a dispersed ledger and storage system, cell phone program, along with administrative community management portal. In a couple of hours, while reducing costs and maximizing customer lifetime value, loyalty programs around the blockchain worldwide are currently running and operating through qiibee solutions.
Patientory (Atlanta, Ga.): Patientory, Inc. enables end-users globally with a secure system to handle and move their health information to Attain actionable insights to improved health effects and well-being
Venture capital investment in blockchain-related companies has significantly diminished this year, with a projected $1.6 billion invested across 454 prices. However, CB Insights reported Facebook’s Libra announcement and current corporate interest — such as R/GA’s studio –“have contributed the distance a second wind.”


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