New Survey Shows 20% of Affluent UK millennials have exposure to Cryptocurrencies primarily Bitcoin


London-based law company Michelmores LLP has researched affluent millennials from the uk and found that 20 percent have spent in Bitcoin (BTC) along with other cryptocurrencies.

The poll, reported from FXStreet on Sept. 17, demonstrated that one of those born between 1981 and 1996 with investable assets of 25,000 ($31,000) or longer, 20 percent had spent in the new asset category.

Since FXStreet notes, this 20% figure is higher than the national average of 3 percent — suggesting that wealthy millennials from the U.K. are nearly 7 times more likely to put money into cryptocurrencies compared to general public.

Additionally, in regards to millennials with more than 75,000 ($93,000) worthiness of investable resources, the proportion of cryptocurrency investors jumps to 29 percent.

Notably, 70 percent of respondents indicated their investable wealth derived from wages and salary, while 40 percent said that it had been through investment yields.

This curiosity about investment opportunities translates into a high degree of fluency with internet trading infrastructure: 35 percent of respondents stated they invest utilizing electronic trading platforms, while 27% said they consulted societal trading platforms and browsed or engaged in dealer e-communities.

Generational divides

Michelmores’ survey augments research conducted earlier this season on the opposing side of this pond. The outcomes of some United States-wide Bankrate poll this July signaled the cryptocurrencies are 3 times more popular amongst American millennials because of top-choice, longterm investment choice compared to Generation X.

Additionally in July, 26 percent of Generation Z at the U.S. — normally defined as people born after 1997 — stated they’d be very or extremely likely to purchase cryptocurrency in the subsequent 6 weeks.

Nonetheless, 89 percent of U.S. citizens had heard of their cryptocurrency, irrespective of their generation.


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